Osaka’s Best Night Views


Osaka’s Best Night Views


Osaka has a lot of spots where only local people go.I have been taking photos of night view in Osaka. So I introduce the spots in this article.

Top 10 Night Views in Osaka

1. Harukas300

Harukas300 is the top of obeservation in Osaka. We can see Osaka castle, Tsutenkaku, Namba,
We can go up to the 57th floor for free.

TicketAdult(18+) : ¥2,000
Middle schoolers(12-17) : ¥1,200
Elementary schoolers(6-11) : ¥700
Young children(4-5) : ¥500
Hours9:00 – 22:00
AccessGoogle Map
Tennoji Station

2. Sakishima Cosmo Tower

In Sakishima Cosmo Tower, we can overlook night view of Nanko in Osaka. Nanko is a place name and means south port. I prefer night view Nanko than other Osaka.

TicketSenior : ¥900
Adult(15+) : ¥1000
Child(6-14) : ¥600
Hours11:00-22:00(Closed on Mondays)
AccessGoogle Map
Trade Center-mae Station
Nakafuto Station

3. Namihaya Bridge

Namihaya Bridge is the famous bridge in Osaka. This bridge is called Betafumi Bridge. Betafumi means “Pedal to the medal slope“. We can see night view in Nanko from the bridge.

I recommend to access this bridge by car or rental bike, because this bridge is 30-minutes walk from the Osakako station.

Hoursopen 24/7
AccessGoogle Map

4. Shigi-Ikoma Skyline

Shigi-Ikoma Skyline is on Mt.Ikoma and Mt.Shigi. Two mountains is located between Osaka and Nara.There is some observations in this skyline. Shigi-Ikoma Skyline is toll road, so you go there by only car.

Ticket(toll)one way : ¥370〜1,360
round trip : ¥740〜1,950
pass : ¥3,120
Hours1 Mar-31 Dec : 6:30-24:00
1 Nov-31 Feb : 6:30-23:00

I introduce the four observations below.

Panorama Observation

Google Map

The Plaza of Bokura

The Plaza of Bokura means “Our Plaza”.

Google Map

Kane no Naru Observation

Kane no Naru Observation means a observation where a bell rings.

Google Map

Jusan Toge Observationa

Jusan Toge means 13th mountain pass. This Observation is the best in Shigi-Ikoma Skyline.

Google Map

5. Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building is an observation which we can see a panoramic view of Umeda. Umeda is northern downtown in Osaka.

Ticket(toll)Adult : ¥1,500
Child(4-12) : ¥700
Hours1 Mar-31 Dec : 9:30-22:30
1 Nov-31 Feb : 6:30-23:00
AccessGoogle Map
Umeda Station
Osaka Station
NishiUmeda Station
HigashiUmeda Station

6. Osaka 3rd Building Observation

There is a small observation on the 32-33th floor.

AccessGoogle Map
Kitashinchi Station
HigashiUmeda Station
Umeda Station
Osaka Station

7.Around Nanko

There is a lot of night view spots around Nanko. It is recommended to wander around Nanko at night.

I took a photo of Namihaya Bridge at a distant location.

Minato Brige at a distance location.

I also took a snap in Nanko below.

Asashio Bridge

Google Map

Ofune Bridge

Google Map

8. Sakai-Senboku Seaside Industrial Area

Access is by car only.

HPEn :
Jp :
Hoursopen 24/7
Access1. Google Map
2. Google Map

9. Senri River Bank (Itami Airport)

In Senri River Bank, we can see a lot of airplanes. Not only night view but also sunset is so good. You can check airplane schedules on Flightradar24.

Hoursopen 24/7
AccessGoogle Map

10. Around Osaka Station

I prefer night view of Umeda than Namba. Especially, around Osaka Station is beautiful.

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